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  • 1921 Founding of round timber business by Barthelomäus Pauls

  • 1934 Purchase of a sawmill at the current site

  • 1945 Construction of a new sawmill by sons Heinrich and Bernhard

  • 1962 Purchase of a modern bandsaw

  • 1976 The 3rd generation, under Helmut , Rainer and Manfred Pauls, takes over management of the company

  • 1986 Introduction of circular chipping saw technology

  • 1991 Installation of a fully automatic sorting and packetizing system and a new portal crane

  • 1996 Delivery of the first Russian round timber from the Onega region

  • 2005 Expansion of saw capacity


Wood as the sustainable raw material of the future

The significance of forests as valuable ecosystems for the preservation of natural living conditions for humanity. Their role in reducing the greenhouse effect is recognized and has been implemented politically in the Kyoto protocol. Nature produces wood in the forests, and forestry makes it available sustainably. Wood is a store of carbon and energy, a substitute for greenhouse-inducing materials and energy sources, protects fossil resources, and meets the requirements for intelligent cyclic economies.

Wood is neutral in the Co2-Cycle: The amount of Co2 taken up during photosynthesis is released again when the wood rots or burns.

Wood is 100% usable; there are no waste products. In addition, since we buy our raw material in the sustainably managed forests around our sawmill. This avoids long transportation distances.


Thanks to our central location near the borders, our direct proximity to the most important freeways in Europe, we can reach a wide range of locations in central Europe. Proximity to Antwerp and the interior harbours gives us an unbeatable advantage in the export market.

Shippers recognize these advantages. We are very interested in further contact. Let us know; our destinations might also interest you.