Our production line

Round Logs and Lumber Sorting System

We have a log optimization system and a lumber sorting system. After debarking, the log is measured precisely, optimized, and finally stored in the round timber lot for a specific order, or as stock.

This means we are able to react very quickly to new orders.





Linck Profile-chipper-line

The Linck profile-chipper-line guarantees perfect cut quality and high dimensional accuracy. The technical properties of this system allow us to saw logs from 11 to 55 cm in diameter, lengths from 3 to 7.5 m and a cut height of up to 300 mm.

Block Band Saw and Slicing Band Saw

Our band saw line is used for orders in big timber , small quantities, and long lengths.

Sorting and Packetizing System

After cutting, the wood is checked for quality by trained employees, then measured by the fully automated laser sorting system, then packetized. After packetizing, the packet data are automatically transferred to the storage management system.

Dry Kilns

Our dry kilns have a monthly capacity of approx. 2000 m³. After drying, the main products are sorted again and then packaged.